About Us

HotStoqx is a unique way of directing potential investors to YOUR company. Below is a brief description of our services and how we can work to get your company the exposure you need.

Our exceptional staff at HotStoqx is ready to customize a package to fit your needs, not ours. Our trained staff has over 30 years of experience that helps assure each and every client that we have what we need to take your company to the next level.

With our list of over 28 million associates, we are sure to reach the target market that you are looking for.

What We Can Do For You

Recognizing the importance of maintaining direct contact with both the client and the financial community, Bill Johnson, Owner/Director, and our executive staff execute a hands-on management approach. They foster long-term working relationships, with the philosophy that creating awareness can be done without using "HYPE" as a tool. We do this by focusing on:

Adding Awareness To Your Company

With our experienced marketing specialists and their unique approach, we are able to draw attention to your company by contacting and approaching new investors, in turn, getting the company name and symbol out there for people to see.

Raising additional capital

A HotStoqx Profile can draw significant attention to your company from both retail and institutional investors and put your company in front of boutique investment banking firms who specialize in raising capital for small micro-cap companies.

Broadening your shareholder base and increasing volume

We have a 28,000,000 plus database of investors, brokers, money managers and institutions which all have a high degree of interest in companies just like yours.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to the clients we serve is the hallmark of HotStoqx. We are able to work closely with our clients in order to identify unique characteristics of each account while maintaining a close working relationship. Our valuable insight into the financial marketplace, combined with your company's input, creates a synergy resulting in exceptionally effective programs.

We pride ourselves on formulating the most qualified financial community databases, while taking the time to implement an effective awareness strategy with positive results being the driving force.

Our Process

Our plan is simple: WE GO TO WORK!

Our professionals blend creative thinking with solid techniques and practical experience to develop strategies that achieve your objectives.

First we start off by drafting together a Blind Letter. Our Analyst, Tammy Baines, works directly with you to create a sexy one-page profile about the company that DOES NOT include the company name or symbol. This creates interest by the investor, wanting to know more about this exciting company.

Once we have our opt-ins we then start to put together the second profile that will go out. The second letter is a full profile on the company which DOES include the company name and symbol along with a target price and contact information.

Our Guarantee

We believe an effective campaign expands the awareness of any company and builds its name recognition, while simultaneously encouraging greater stock participation.

Our objective is to work toward increasing the stock value of public companies by effectively capturing the attention and interest of qualified investors, market makers and mutual funds. Our achievements are a direct result of our dedication and commitment to our clients.